Bangbrothers Worldwide Free Bang Pass

Bangbrothers Worldwide is the primo, #1 adult video site on the web with the hottest ladies, the best videos, etc, etc, etc I'm sure I don't have to sell you on it if you've ever had the pleasure of viewing it.

Anyway, for years I longed to get into the Member's Area but didn't have the money. The free stuff was good, but I had heard that the Member's stuff was in-fucking-credible.

So recently I was chatting with a guy in a webmasters forum I belong to and he PMed me that he knew how to get into the Bangbrothers Worldwide Member's Area for free.

I thought it was bullshit but he gave me the username and password and I tried it.

It worked! It actually worked!

I thanked him over and over but he told me the access codes he gave me would only work for a week or so. After that they change the password. This is a backdoor login procedure the webmasters use. They all use the same username and then change the password up on Thursday mornings at 8am West Coast time.

However, this guy actually used to work there and has a friend who still works there and gives him the password. Then this guy posts the password on his public dating profile page the same day usually by noon.

Anybody can access his profile page - it's a free dating site and is easy to join.

OK, the username is always "Cheyenne". (caps-sensitive).

Here is the link to the dating site. The guy's profile is named "MojoMan".

So that's it. With this knowledge you OWN Bangbrothers Worldwide lock, stock, and barrel. Enjoy!

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